A short word, one syllable and just 4 letters. Yet we live for it, die for it, long for it, celebrate in it, fight in the name of it, smile in the grace of it.

After a wild month of growing the family, getting COVID-19 throughout the house, changing the family dynamic again, growing the family to include 2 more fur babies, laughing, resting, welcoming fall, being virtual, exploring, and creating I felt tired through it all. As we began to come out of our healing rest I knew it was time to write again, my mind was swimming with ideas but focus was elusive. So true to momma bear form, I turned to my little one for the eyes of innocence and simplicity.

I asked the simple question, curious of the creation that can come from his wild mind.

what do you think the world needs to hear?”

His answer was perfectly simple…love

And so it is, love had found its way to open my eyes and grow our hearts again

As we sat and enjoyed the view of a perfect afternoon, I thought of love and our love of family and friends. It seemed enough to write about and still I find the need to expand my view on love and I hope you will with me.

Love with heartfull includes the world in its big and small. Love of the 1, 2, 5, 1 thousand, 1 million, of the whole. Love is when we find the truth of ourselves and share that with empathy to all and in all.

With my heartfull, I looked at my day, at my mindset, at my relations and I knew I needed to be more me – True to myself.

Too often I find myself needing love

  • When I am short to react yet long to connect
  • When I multitask yet crave to focus
  • When I make the comfortable choice yet my dreams need nourishment
  • When I argue yet I need a hug
  • When I ignore and feel isolated

I have excuses that I just need more time, maybe next year, I need a little break, there is just too much. Well all those things are true but when I really think about it, I see that I already have everything I need to love more and be more.

I have the time to give, I have the focus to share, I have the passion to drive and I have the dream to be heartfull.

When you find your passion it is like breathing, it is crucial, it is life and I want to live that way and hope you will as well.

What is it that is the “thing” for you?

My things are a list of things

  • Ending the creation of single use plastic
  • Bringing thought and love to education
  • Growing the focus and connection of yoga
  • Teaching purpose over ease

For each of these I commit to action. By committing to myself and my passion to share my love with the whole and live Heartfull.

How will you love Heartfull?

Published by staley.michelle

I am here to live with my Heartfull. Someone to be in your circle with my heart in the open so we can share, create and grow in ourselves and our communities.

One thought on “Love

  1. I am so grateful your commented on my blog and lead me here, to your heartfull place of words and images so beautiful.

    And.. I am so sorry to read you had Covid throughout your home!

    Sending warm wishes for well-being and love to fill your world in every way throughout this Christmas season and beyond.


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