Thoughts and Moments of Time

in the cold of the winter we dream by the fire

  • Light find my way
    It was an effort to wake today. pulling away from the grips of sleep. Darkness falls over my eyes with lasting blinks. I light the candle to welcome the day. It’s fire brings light closer, yet the darkness still creeps through the early morn. Holding tight. I turn to the pen. It’s weight and powerContinue reading “Light find my way”
  • When I knew
    There was a moment when I knew I had given it all up. Everything my heart had, my mind, my being. I was no longer me, I was defined by my roles, the definitions that each person around me held. Mom, cleaner, boss, partner, mentor, supporter, listener, gardener, neighbor…the list went on. What I noContinue reading “When I knew”
  • I give
    The days are here for me. The days when I can now see; with everything I take, there will always be something I give. For the love, for the time, for the life; I will give it all back threefold, in kind or in pain. May I chose to give in kind, may I choseContinue reading “I give”
  • A new ecosystem
    Our excess maker materials can help another maker thrive.
  • Waking up working
    When the worries of the day cloud your morning, may you feel this blessing to be heartfull.

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