Thoughts and Moments of Time

in the cold of the winter we dream by the fire

  • Joy
    I couldn’t find the joy, I couldn’t see the good, I couldn’t join the laugh. I knew, saw and heard them all, but they seemed so far away. Lost in the thick fog, another world moving by as I sat and moved so slow. My mind lost to a world of worry, a sadness ofContinue reading “Joy”
  • And I looked up
    Forever I looked to the future Looking forward, looking past, looking to see All I needed was to look here Have you looked here? Have you looked up? Have you looked down? Have you looked today? Have you seen the love in the moment? Will you look now to see the perfection in now?
  • Motherhood
    Motherhood and the creations it brings
  • Spring Hopes
    when spring finds you
  • Let us be wild
    to be wild is to be natural and free

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