Thoughts and Moments of Time

in the cold of the winter we dream by the fire

  • Dream big
    We ask of their dreams What do you want to be when Ask now what they want I could ask what he wants to be when he wants to for up. Instead I ask, what do you want to do to change the world. I ask how, what makes you happy, what do you wantContinue reading “Dream big”
  • The middle ground
    My self reflections and hope for us to seek the beauty in our uniqueness
  • The middle ground
    The middle The unseen The low risk The hidden The safe I have lived in the middle. I have loved to fit the mold. I have loved to calm the waters. I have lived to keep the peace. I have hidden me, for what I thought you needed. I see now You wanted to seeContinue reading “The middle ground”
  • Darkness
    The clock ticks, night darkness calms, sleepy eyes rest upon the fading night sky Time everlasting, cool air surrounds, warming coffee promises float through the air The cycle continues, stars shine bright, the morning comes to shine through the day Until tonight, my dear night sky
  • Balance
    Guided by the spin of the universe, balance and joy in our uniqueness

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