My thanksgiving- 2020

To my little ones

I fill my heart with light and love. I let it flow through me to grow, taking as little as possible.

So that you may know what the power of positivity brings.

It can be hard work; to cultivate, to connect, to be grounded, and to nourish where you find light and love.

Never shy away from that hard work.

That hard work is the only true work the world needs. The rest that we do, we do to fill time, hide our pains, to stay disconnected.

When you feel pain, disconnect, longing, call back to me, to your heart.

Call back to fill yourself with light and love…be heartfull.

To you my loves, I give my all …

Published by staley.michelle

I am here to live with my Heartfull. Someone to be in your circle with my heart in the open so we can share, create and grow in ourselves and our communities.

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