The Tree Lady

There is such beauty in a field in harvest, cool crisp air, changing colors of leaves, the quieting of the wildlife before winter. Something rings dear to me in these days of reflection before the winter days of rest. Today, I can feel the pressing cooler air and it is urging me to ready my gardens for winter and prepare the home for the cozy blankets of winter snow. Before we get too cold though, there is still time for fall planting (always time for just one more) and in these thoughts I find the urge to share with you one of my favorite places to be Heartfull in early fall.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.

Emily Brontë

For those of us in Menominee/Marinette I hope you will soon know the place of which I write; but for those this blog reaches that live farther away, I hope you have “a tree lady” just like us.

Truth be told she has more than trees but both of my little ones knew how to say tree before any of the other plants so it is the tale of the tree lady that brings us Heartfull today.

I am blessed to share with you a place to visit that is full of plants and knowledge, carefully and artfully tended by “our tree lady”. You see, she welcomes the kids in just the way we live, Heartfull.

There are rows to be run, berries to be picked, puddles to splash and garden carts for grand adventure rides around the rose bushes and lilacs. Here we learn why our peach trees need more tending from leaf curl, our variegated maple needs trimming to stay variegated (who knew?), and why that tree over there won’t be ready for pickup and planting until the fall – because we just won’t have a tree leave the lot until it is perfectly ready.

Here Ms. Eileen, our tree lady, is more to us than a place to shop for perennials and trees. Ms. Eileen, with her garden lot tucked within the town, provides a haven to those Heartfull, those of us looking for the right plants in just the right spots, for just the right memories.

Joey helping to plant a special tree to call his own from Ms. Eileen.

So, as the fall air arrives think about taking a drive over to visit your “tree lady”.

If you are local to us, I hope to see you at one of my favorite spots. Wherever you go, go Heartfull and ready to bring the family, a cup off coffee, tea or hot chocolate and shop around for a fall planting or dream up some plans for the spring.

My favorite fall tree spot:

Mr. McGregor’s Garden

728 7th St, Menominee, MI 49858

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