Let us be wild

LM – I want to wear my princess dress.
Me – OK Hon, go get it.
LM – I not HON…goes to get her dress.
Me – she is so HON
Me – Oh darlin, you are amazing

And I sit back and smile with my little HON in all her wild, glory.

My HON – Tiara, kitty, sunglasses, princess dress and all; I am reminded how life is much simpler than we make it out to be each day.

Our adult rules, made to keep order in a world with it’s own frequency, it’s own order, an order of which we comprehend so little. We can control the world as much as we can control the imagination of our children. Though we have tried, is the better quest instead to celebrate and love?

Rather than control our day, each other, our happenings; I hope we can find ourselves and celebrate the beauty in the sunrise, the smile in each other, the joy in each moment.

Rather than feeling out of control, maybe we use that feeling as a reminder to put on our favorite anything, grab a smile, a best friend and be wild.

For we are only out of control, when we try to control.

For anyone not yet familiar with our HON roots: http://honfest.net/.

Be well my dears, live heartfull and dance in the light.

Published by staley.michelle

I am here to live with my Heartfull. Someone to be in your circle with my heart in the open so we can share, create and grow in ourselves and our communities.

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