I have not set a resolution in enough years that I cannot remember my last resolution. This year however, fueled by yoga and ayurvedic studies, I have worked to set an intention. For me, balance is the much needed gift I need to give to myself.

As I started to think about what balance really meant though, I felt the nagging hurt. That fear and hurt that focusing on balance was just going to leave me feeling couldn’t get it all done, and of course that I was failing everything rather than thriving and anything. That thought hit me hard as a simple self made up lie and set in motion a commitment to balance.

Balance is the joy of self internal and external connections, the happiness felt by overall peace.

With fair confidence in my own thoughts and words, I was further encouraged this morning by a TED talk recommended to me by the fabulous self propelling filters and coding of the TED app. If you are looking to really be joyous in your own self, I hope you will follow the link to the talk.

Embrace your raw, strange magic – Casey Gerald:

After the morning drive inspiration and affirmation that balance is my perfect intention I set off to work for the first time after holiday. It was a great day between work and having a tea party with my favorite little girl while dinner cooked. Followed by some awesome snuggles with my little man (photo not included).

with her favorite partner in crime

Then I let my balance shift. I decided to check my email after dinner and realized I missed a meeting that had been scheduled, and that I knew about, during kid pickup. It was one of those meetings that 30+ people were invited to attend, only a handful would participate and really my participation was not needed since I work with an amazing team. Yet, I found myself disappointed that I forgot about the meeting and then, the TED talk from the morning drive floated like the awakening smell of a strongly brewed coffee on a cold winter morning.

My best balance act of the day was gifted to me from the stars and my forgetful memory. My best act was choosing what was right for me, and in doing so my teammates are trusted and my family is loved.

I worked today along with my team and I happily played with my children who were reminded again that mama hopes for a world where our choice is always connection and love.

To the teams that support me every day at home and at work, to the star gazers who dream with me for a happy and healthy world – thank you for granting me this gift today.

I am as excited as my little man with a new snow tube in winter!

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