We can all benefit from the energy and warmth of being connected. It is inspiring when we actively connect to people who share our passions, it is grounding to actively share our energy and warmth with people in need of compassion.

When I connect, I feel energized and strong. When I just think about connection, I feel disconnected and isolated.

You see, for me, connection is in the present and I only achieve it when I am present and aware, able to give and receive. A coincidence, as it might be described, but that would be by chance and random, connection needs action to be formed.

Just the other day I was trying to remember when my next massage was scheduled. I had just coordinated it but true to me, I could not remember the detail of the appointment. Of course I was not near my phone, which has become the only way I remember to make any appointment right now; so the hope of me remembering to check the date and time of the appointment was fading as fast. However, I am blessed to have found and formed a connection with my massage therapist and when I did find my phone a few hours later, she had thankfully messaged me to remind me that I had never confirmed the next appointment.

Do I call the timing of her reaching out coincidence? No. I call it connection and both of us being aware of each other in the same time and worldly place.

Without that action and resulting connection I would be feeling disconnected and definitely would not have made the appointment today!

Think of a time when an old friend popped into your mind and you decided to call them. Isn’t the response on the other end of the line typically “I was just thinking of you”? Then the stories and connections recharge and lighten your day.

We have time now to reconnect to ourselves as much as each other. Being mindful of each other and opening ourselves to connecting in the unseen ways and then the action of reaching out with a call, a card, a wave.

Are you open to connect to those needing you and those you need? Is your mind calm and positive to recognize those connections? Is your heart full to give and receive in the connections?

In the coming days I will share what works for me to call on and cultivate connections of positivity and light

  • Open my awareness
  • Calm my mind
  • Fill my heart

To start today, think of a place that brings you peace let the thoughts of the place and your feelings in that space fill your heart.

A little sun in a bountiful garden is peace to me. May you fill your heart in your peaceful places u til we connect again. Warmest regards – Heartfull

Published by staley.michelle

I am here to live with my Heartfull. Someone to be in your circle with my heart in the open so we can share, create and grow in ourselves and our communities.

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