We can all benefit from the energy and warmth of being connected. It is inspiring when we actively connect to people who share our passions, it is grounding to actively share our energy and warmth with people in need of compassion.

When I connect, I feel energized and strong. When I just think about connection, I feel disconnected and isolated.

You see, for me, connection is in the present and I only achieve it when I am present and aware, able to give and receive. A coincidence, as it might be described, but that would be by chance and random, connection needs action to be formed.

Just the other day I was trying to remember when my next massage was scheduled. I had just coordinated it but true to me, I could not remember the detail of the appointment. Of course I was not near my phone, which has become the only way I remember to make any appointment right now; so the hope of me remembering to check the date and time of the appointment was fading as fast. However, I am blessed to have found and formed a connection with my massage therapist and when I did find my phone a few hours later, she had thankfully messaged me to remind me that I had never confirmed the next appointment.

Do I call the timing of her reaching out coincidence? No. I call it connection and both of us being aware of each other in the same time and worldly place.

Without that action and resulting connection I would be feeling disconnected and definitely would not have made the appointment today!

Think of a time when an old friend popped into your mind and you decided to call them. Isn’t the response on the other end of the line typically “I was just thinking of you”? Then the stories and connections recharge and lighten your day.

We have time now to reconnect to ourselves as much as each other. Being mindful of each other and opening ourselves to connecting in the unseen ways and then the action of reaching out with a call, a card, a wave.

Are you open to connect to those needing you and those you need? Is your mind calm and positive to recognize those connections? Is your heart full to give and receive in the connections?

In the coming days I will share what works for me to call on and cultivate connections of positivity and light

  • Open my awareness
  • Calm my mind
  • Fill my heart

To start today, think of a place that brings you peace let the thoughts of the place and your feelings in that space fill your heart.

A little sun in a bountiful garden is peace to me. May you fill your heart in your peaceful places u til we connect again. Warmest regards – Heartfull


Standing outside last night the land was flooded with the light of the corn moon. With such presence, my thoughts were pulled to bounty and harvest. I asked myself, what am I thankful for and then I asked what holds me back from saying thank you.

I am thankful for the desire and opportunities to constantly learn and grow as my views are expanded by knowledge and moreover by awareness.

I am held back by my fear that I don’t yet know enough to take action.

Concentrate like your mind needs this food, Emily will assist with her thinking face as you dig deep!

If you were to answer these questions what would the answers be? Write down the answers and really look at them on paper, don’t let the thoughts be passing words in the chaos of your mind. This is your joy and your limitation.

Thankfulness intentions and limitations set?

The hard part is over, this is where the kindness comes in today.

Review your limitation words and take a deep breath. Open your eyes and heart to your limitation. Smile at your limitation, it holds onto you and clings because it is unable to move in time as you can, it hurts because it knows you are in the now and it is in the past. Give the limitation your kindness, take time to remember the moment you formed the limitation. Maybe it was in hurt, grief, sadness, loss. Give those moments your love and kindness of today and let them go. Cross off your limitation and know that it was a past thought but it no longer fits in your today.

Now turn to your joy in the current moment. Smile at what brings you happiness and excitement. Look right now at the feelings and being of the moment. Let the moment fill your heart with more kindness and replenish yourself from the energy of letting go of your limitation. In this moment, remember that

kindness is free and renewable.

Thank you for connecting with me today. Just now we have harvested, planted, and cultivated kindness.

Now where will we share our kindness today?

Welcome and hello

Hello and welcome. Welcome to the space where we live Heartfull.

2020 has finally pushed me off the path of easy and paved to here, heartfull and heart entire. Here in this moment I am … 36, I always have to do the math! I am a mother of 6, 4 of which came to my heart from my partner Pat, but without them my family is not complete. We live in a few acres in Wisconsin/Michigan on the lower border of the Upper Peninsula. We have 6 chickens, 1 dog and a beautiful little farm. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and have worked at Lockheed Martin for 15 years.

By all views, life is good here but as I said … 2020. This year and in this moment I realize that with everything I have done I have been walking on the paved path, not really even tending to the path along the way for the next person. No more can I just walk the path, quite honestly the views are too framed, the path is feeling a little tight and well it isn’t as smooth as it appears.

I am making this blog to create a space where we can find our hearts and get off the beaten path. Let’s explore our hearts, let’s create, let’s share our successes and our struggles. I will be here to share our adventures and how I am growing live Heartfull.

With all my heart,


I don’t think of all the misery but of all the beauty that still remains. — Anne Frank

Emily and Joey harvesting our 2020 garden. We planted from seed under the Worm super moon in March as well as a few plants from one of our local Garden Centers:

The look on their faces – Heartfull!