A new ecosystem

I love to create. I love to solve problems with what I can find, I love to “use the scraps”. In the kitchen, the Turkey carcass is used for soup and a very special wish. In the garden, the bruised and pats picking feed the chickens. In the house, the broken crayons are soon to be candles. For this post the key is in the shop, the cast off and discarded ends are my treasure. Bookmarks, coasters, painting shapes, bird houses, shelves, wind chimes, I dream of making from what I find in the black bin of “firewood”.

I find such energy in pulling from the discarded, to hold a piece of “scrap wood” and listen for the muse of what it might become. Finding the lost beauty, function and purpose of any piece. Seeing hope, potential, need in something all but forgotten by another.

Once found, I let my hands, heart and imagination flow into each piece and even when my artist brain cannot find purpose I wonder what could another use this to create? Do I have a friend making lamps, bowls, thinks I cannot imagine because only they can?

As you read I hope we may further the movement already all around us. Like in a resilient ecosystem, there is no waste, each byproduct of one function will feed another. May we model the world in which we live.

Let our minds shift from waste = trash


What we do not need was never meant to be waste, our excess can feed another maker’s purpose.

Let us live in a maker ecosystem of maker share.

Published by staley.michelle

I am here to live with my Heartfull. Someone to be in your circle with my heart in the open so we can share, create and grow in ourselves and our communities.

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